“We haven’t made a GF menu, made a healthier soba noodle dish based on our concept "Juicy Healthy Tasty". And then, we realized this can be eaten
as a GF dish too.”

Our sister's restaurant  cocoron , which is offering “Juicy Healthy Tasty”
soba noodle dish to neighborhoods in LES since 2010, have decided to expand the existence of SOBA (buckwheat) NOODLE as one of the healthy choices at this POP-UP store for our first step. They think no one knows 100% buckwheat soba noodle is one of the healthiest foods has so much protein, fiber and Vitamin B1, B2 etc... Besides, we found out soba noodle doesn't have any impression of a healthy food or noodle as long as they asked bunch of our customers.

With the same concept of "Juicy, Healthy, Tasty", they completed
100% buckwheat soba noodle instead of our regular noodle mixed with wheat. And They realized this can be also called "GLUTEN-FREE SOBA NOODLE" and “it sounds healthier". But, of course the broth is the same taste as our regular menu. They guess this is the main difference than other GF foods.

We shabushabu Mayumon will offer this 100% buckwheat noodle menu
for lunch at our location. Before officailly opened, we'll serve some of the menus.

We'd appreciate you to intoduce our menu as "Tasty food with
a bit healthiness" to Non GF friends too
if you like our dish.

"Juicy Healthier Tasty" 100% buckwheat soba noodle POP-UP store 

Advised by cocoron

61 Delancey st. NY
11AM - 2PM on Mon - Fri
(Last Order: 1:40pm)
(on July 10th - around 2 months)